Lemon curd cakes with diamond Jubilee decorations from Summer 2012
For quite a few years now I've dreamt of owning a little bakery/cafe. Not your 'get up at 5am to bake loaves' sort of thing, but a place where people could go for good cakes, a cuppa and relax in an armchair. A place where calories are definitely not counted, and cupcakes are more about the taste of the cake than the fancy buttercream frosting (although I sometimes let the odd bit of decorative icing slide!)

Now, this is never going to happen unless I win the lottery or have some other sort of massive windfall. Why? Well, besides the obvious risks of owning a small business... I'd probably eat most of the profits myself. Yes I love to bake, but even more so I love to eat cake! It's probably best that the bakery I daydream about stays just that: imaginary.

This blog will eventually end up as a sort of online recipe book of all my favourite recipes (tried and tested, a lot!), and everything I would want to sell in my imaginary bakery. Here goes...


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